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Anode Rods

Displaying 1-48 of 75 results

Displaying 1-48 of 75 results

Water Heater Anode Rods & Replacement Parts

Explore anode rods at Stockpile Express and find products to protect your water heater tank from corrosion. We offer anode replacements from trusted manufacturers Bradford White, Buderus, and AO Smith, State, American Water Heater. Position the anode rod in the center of the unit to attract damaging minerals and compounds; replacing only the rod instead of the tank offers an easy, cost-effective solution. Made in aluminum, magnesium, or zinc, an anode rod is designed for durability. To simplify your search, use our convenient filters to narrow anode rods by size and product type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an anode rod do?

An anode rod protects a water heater from corrosive elements and damage: It attracts minerals and compounds, which corrode the rod instead of the tank interior.

Do gas water heaters have anode rods?

Yes, most gas water heaters have anode rods. If the tank is made of stainless steel or if your water heater unit is tankless, no rod is required.

How long does an anode rod last?

An anode rod typically lasts from three to five years, depending on the water quality in the tank.

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