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Condensate Neutralizer Kits

Displaying 1-23 of 23 results

Displaying 1-23 of 23 results

Condensate Neutralizer Kits for Furnaces & Heating Systems

Find a reliable and efficient condensate neutralizer kit for your furnace at Stockpile Express. A condensate neutralizer balances and filters the furnace’s inevitable wastewater, making it safe for this and other byproducts to flow down the drain for disposal. Our collection also includes condensate pumps, filter media, and neutralizing agents from Navien, AO Smith, Weil McLain, and other top manufacturers. Keep your furnace functioning properly with a condensate neutralizer kit from Stockpile Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a condensate neutralizer?

A condensate neutralizer balances and filters wastewater and other byproducts from your heating system so that they can safely go down the drain. These components are typically attached to the drain pipe at the base of the furnace.

How often should you change a condensate neutralizer?

You should replace a condensate neutralizer at least one to two times a year to keep your furnace functioning properly.

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