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Displaying 1-18 of 18 results

Displaying 1-18 of 18 results

Bypass & Steam Humidifiers

Explore the collection of quality humidifiers at Stockpile Express. When installed in a residential or commercial space, a humidifier can help soothe dry skin and prevent respiratory illnesses, including the common cold. Our collection includes steam and bypass humidifiers to suit your setup in a home, small space, or commercial facility. We also offer a selection of humidistats—a crucial component that works with a humidifier to automatically adjust the moisture level and keep it at a specific level. To streamline your search for humidifiers, use our convenient filters to narrow results by size and product type. Browse top-quality products from trusted makers, including Honeywell, Source 1, and Field Controls, at Stockpile Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bypass vs steam humidifier: What is the difference?

The difference is that a steam humidifier uses its own internal reservoir to heat water and convert it to steam for humidifying, while a bypass humidifier doesn't have a motor and connects to the return duct of a heating and cooling system.

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