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Steam Traps

Displaying 1-48 of 282 results

Displaying 1-48 of 282 results

Steam Heating Traps & Accessories

Browse steam traps at Stockpile Express and find essential components for steam-powered heating systems. A steam trap is a type of valve that removes condensate and non-condensables from the system while preventing the live steam—the heating source—from leaking. Choose from three types of steam traps to suit your heating system: mechanical, thermostatic, and thermodynamic.

  • Mechanical steam traps include bucket and floating-ball steam traps and track the density between steam and condensate
  • Thermostatic steam traps include pressure-balanced and bimetallic traps and use a temperature-sensing mechanism to release the condensate
  • Thermodynamic steam traps measure the difference in velocity between steam and condensate, thus allowing the valve to open for steam release

Stockpile Express carries steam traps and accessories including cage units, valves, and connectors, from Armstrong, Barnes & Jones, Hoffman, and other reliable manufacturers. Explore our steam traps selection and find the right match for your heating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should steam traps be installed?

A steam trap should be installed below the lowest condensate discharge point of the heating system, and before check valves.

How often should steam traps be replaced?

Steam traps should be replaced about once every three years. Regular steam trap maintenance and upgrades will help your heating system run correctly and consistently, and will minimize harm due to defective or worn-out steam traps.

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