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Expansion Tank Parts & Accessories

Displaying 1-24 of 24 results

Displaying 1-24 of 24 results

Expansion Tank Parts and Accessories

Browse expansion tanks at Stockpile Express and find parts and accessories essential to the functionality of your boiler or hydronic heating system. An expansion tank provides water space to expand within a boiler, thus stabilizing and regulating the pressure. Whether you’re performing regular maintenance or replacing a single part, Stockpile Express offers a selection of high-quality tanks, valves, brackets, and other Amtrol expansion tank accessories. Update your expansion tank every five to ten years to ensure it properly functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my boiler need an expansion tank?

Yes! Boilers require an expansion tank to perform correctly. A boiler cannot regulate pressure without an expansion tank. This pressure increase causes hot water to be released outside of the system.

How often should an expansion tank be replaced?

Typically, expansion tanks should be replaced every five to ten years. If your home’s water pressure aligns with the air pressure within the tank, a properly installed expansion tank may last longer than ten years.

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