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Backflow Prevention Valves

Displaying 1-48 of 103 results

Displaying 1-48 of 103 results

Protect Against Backflow With Reliable Preventers

Protect your drinking water supply with a backflow prevention valve from Stockpile Express. A backflow preventer uses pressure to move water forward in a single direction, keeping contaminants from re-entering your supply. Explore our selection and find standard and reduced pressure backflow preventers, as well as backflow preventer assemblies that install in succession to each other for optimal water transfer. We offer high-quality, reliable backflow prevention valves from Watts, Caleffi, and other trusted manufacturers. For maximum performance, your backflow preventer should be checked at least once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backflow preventer valve?

A backflow preventer valve installs onto a water pipe to maintain a unidirectional flow and protect drinking water from contamination.

What is the difference between a check valve and a backflow preventer?

A check valve allows water to pass through a pipe before blocking it with a hinged plug that prevents it from flowing the other way, while a backflow preventer applies pressure to the pipe to keep water flowing in the intended direction.

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