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Oil Burners

Displaying 1-20 of 20 results

Displaying 1-20 of 20 results

Oil Burners for your Heating System

Complete our collection of oil burners and complete or update your heating system, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. These essential parts for any oil-powered heating system mix the oil particles with air to ignite them and heat the chamber and contained air, which is then carried throughout the ducts to warm your home. Our collection includes oil burners as well as burner chassis, which hold the vital components responsible for operating the boiler; replacing the chassis is a simple way to upgrade an older heating system. Choose from R.W. Beckett, Weil-McLain, and other reliable brands for high-quality oil burners you can trust to heat your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are oil burners for?

An oil burner is the mechanism that ignites the fuel used in heating systems on oil furnaces, water heaters, or boilers.

What are the advantages of oil heat?

A major advantage of oil heat is safety: The oil itself is not explosive and does not have the potential to leak carbon monoxide into your home. An oil burner boasts a long lifespan with regular maintenance, and does not have debris buildup like gas furnaces.

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